Who We Are


An idea was sparked when we personally experienced how the Aging in Place movement can change lives. We saw a way we could make Aging in Place more accessible to seniors and with that Trusted Villages® was born. Our core team, which has worked together on past projects, regrouped and are now focused on bringing this idea to reality. We have made it our mission to foster Aging in Place by espousing the Village movement model which helps seniors age in their own homes. We accomplish this by providing start-up and operational support services, utilizing secure and trusted technologies, while promoting community engagement and outreach.

Trusted Villages Keeps Seniors Living In-Place

From the beginning we wanted to be mission-oriented and not driven by stockholders’ agendas and fiscal bottom lines. Given this, we created The Trusted Villages® Foundation as a nonprofit corporation. As a nonprofit, we can focus on providing the best-valued support to ensure the growth and support of the Aging in Place movement.

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