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The Trusted Villages Foundation is a non-profit corporation that supports and enables the growth of the Village Movement. As communities are making the decision to create tighter self-dependent virtual Villages they require help in getting started and maintaining operations. That’s where we come in by providing the tools and skills to assist in forming their Village and assist in the ongoing operational management. Communities of all types are sprouting up to band together as Villages and they’re in need of our assistance.

Unfortunately, as with everything, there are costs involved with providing this much needed support. As such, we ask you consider helping this movement by providing a donation to help offset the substantial costs required to achieve this goal.

We prefer donations made via Facebook as they don’t charge processing fees. Although we understand not everyone has a Facebook account so we also accept donations via PayPal. Please select the appropriate link below to make your much needed donation and thanks in advance for your help.

Please contact us with any questions.

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*We are a non-profit organization with an IRC 501(c)(3) classification of being a public charity. All donations are therefore tax deductible. Our EIN is 83-2464210 which you should reference when claiming any donations made to our foundation.
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