Member Benefits

There are numerous benefits in being a member of Trusted Villages®

Here are just a few of the benefits we offer.  More can be made available based on the needs of any given member Village.


Trusted Villages® is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

There are many core benefits to being a 501(c)(3) organization.  Here are just a few:

  • Tax-deductibility of donations made to our organization—tax-deductible receipts for all cash and non-cash donations can be provided to donors.
  • Lower nonprofit postage rates for bulk mailing identical pieces of mail.
  • Free Public Service Announcements on Radio and TV  (Limited availability).
  • Perpetual existence. The corporation continues on after the death of the founder(s).
  • Government and private grants are available for tax-exempt organizations.
  • Some publications give an advertising discount to nonprofit organizations.
  • Many stores and businesses (e.g. Walmart, Lowes, Amazon, etc.) give a discount to 501(c)(3) nonprofits and their employees.
  • Once an organization secures tax-exempt status it is permanent. You don’t have to go back and renew it…ever.
  • A nonprofit organization needs 501(c)(3) status in order to benefit from the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act. This act of Congress releases restaurants and other food organizations from civil and criminal liability associated with the donation of food to nonprofits assisting individuals in need. The act protects donors in all 50 states from civil and criminal liability for good faith donations of “apparently wholesome food,” defined as meeting “all quality and labeling standards imposed by federal, state and local laws and regulations even though the food may not be readily marketable due to appearance, age, freshness, grade, size, surplus or other condition.”


501(c)(3) organizations have an intrinsic credibility due to the extreme vetting process performed by the IRS and the requirement of public full disclosure.  There are also several organizations that monitor nonprofits and ensure they are in compliance.  This makes it a much easier decision for organizations and individuals to provide sponsorships and donations as they already know a 501(c)(3) nonprofit has been thoroughly vetted and its operations are transparent.  Many donors will only donate to registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporations because of this credibility.

Truly Tax Exempt

Only 501(c)(3) nonprofits are exempt from paying tax and may keep all monies gained by fundraisers or donations.  Organizations that are not 501(c)(3) must pay a flat 30% tax to the IRS, and any taxes imposed by local governments, on any profits they gain from activities such as fundraisers, donations, etc.

Access to Heavily Discounted Software and Hardware

As with any corporation in today’s world, software and hardware have become invaluable in ensuring day-to-day operations in addition to providing means to prove compliances are being met and facilitate financial audits.  As a 501(c)(3), Trusted Villages® has access to discounted software and hardware from most of the major vendors through our partner Tech Soup.  Of course members of Trusted Villages® receive advice as to what products are best suited and assistance in getting them set up and configured.

NOTE: Items like software and hardware may only be used by the Village.  Individuals are not allowed to buy software and hardware through Tech Soup.  Any software or hardware bought via Tech Soup must stay with the Village once the person using it has moved on.  Of course reassignment to different users performing Village work is allowed. 

Fundraising and Grants

Unlike for-profit organizations, a 501(c)(3) can’t get investment money from organizations like angel investors.  The three main sources of revenue for a 501(c)(3) are fundraisers, donations, and grants.  FYI – Trusted Villages® has successfully obtained multiple grants from both the Federal government and private industry.  Remember that all profit from fundraisers is nontaxable for a 501(c)(3) and, as such, can fully be put into helping the community.

The Trusted Villages® Mission

Trusted Villages® has a specifically defined mission.  Originally this mission pertained to fostering Aging in Place by empowering the Village movement model which helps seniors age in their own homes.  However, since the onslaught of COVID-19 we have adjusted our mission to communities as a whole.  This maintains our initial mission regardless of age.  We have seen people of all ages need assistance in one form or another too many times in the past couple of years.  Some examples of these include:

    • Wellness Checks
      • These can be either in-person or just a call.  If you aren’t doing well it’s good to know someone is checking up on you.
    • Home Safety Checks
      • We can perform a safety inspection of your home to ensure there are no obvious dangers including fire and carbon monoxide sensors are properly working. We will assist you in getting potentially dangerous situations resolved and usually at no cost to you.
    • Errand Running
      • If you can’t go out to get necessities we can make the run to the store(s) for you.  Again, other than the cost of goods purchased on your behalf, this is at no cost to you.
      • If you need a ride to a doctor’s visit we can provide that for you free of charge as well.
    • Using our hotline you can always reach out with anything you need and the right people for the job will quickly get back to you.
      • Even if it’s the middle of the night, if it’s an emergency, on-call staff will be woken up to respond.
    • Just want to chat or feeling lonely?
      • We’re here to help keep you engaged and feeling involved.  We can do this by chatting on the phone or meeting face-to-face.  Maybe even play some cards, chess, or whatever.

The Trusted Villages® Advantage

Trusted Villages® has built an advisory board that actively supports our mission. Each member of the Board has decades of experience dealing with various skills pertinent to our mission. These skills include:

    • Nonprofit Law
    • Systems/Network Security
    • Experience in Secure Cloud Storage
    • Expertise in designing Software Solutions using Consumer-of-the-Shelf products. (COTS)
    • Expertise in Business System Integrations and Automation
    • Highly Trained in Secure Personnel Record Storage and Access
    • In-Home Healthcare
    • Experienced Hands-on EMT Resources
    • Trusted Villages® can help at the onset of a fire or medical emergency by providing assistance that can save precious minutes until Emergency Services arrive.
    • Trusted Villages® can work with local emergency services to prepare plans for times when access is difficult. (Snow, Ice, etc.)  We will also work with Carillion air ambulance service, the largest of its kind in Virginia, to define a plan of action should an air rescue be required.
    • Experience in coordinating with local emergency services to provide precious moments of assistance, especially needed in remote locations.
    • Experience in Education
    • Experience in Coordinating Marketing Campaigns with Other Organizations (e.g. Fundraisers)
    • Experience in Meeting Compliances with Federal and State Regulations

Trusted Villages® also provides these additional services which are typically unavailable to for-profit organizations.

  • Virginia State Sales Tax Exemption (In-Process)
  • Multiple Walmart Nonprofit Programs (In-Process, Includes Sam’s Club)
  • Up to 10% Discount at Lowes
  • Both Financial Assistance and Labor Help for Safety and Accessibility Home Improvements
    • Think Habitat for Humanity but instead of building complete homes we help make your current home safe and accessible.
    • Work requiring licensed tradesmen is not covered. (e.g. Plumbers, Electricians, etc.)
    • Projects instigated by the homeowner, and not by a licensed tradesman, are covered for safety and accessibility. (Any building permits required will need to be obtained by the homeowner. Trusted Villages® can assist in obtaining whatever is required.)
    • Financial support is limited to accessibility and safety home upgrades. (Does not include power lifts, elevators, etc.)
    • Amount of Financial support is limited to Scope and Total Cost of Planned Project.
    • Labor availability by the community is always free.

Preexisting Partnerships

Trusted Villages® has preexisting partnerships with multiple industry standard vendors who provide us access to their exclusive nonprofit specific programs such as:

  • Microsoft  (Including ~$4000 grant each year.)
  • Google
  • Mailchimp
  • Adobe
  • Amazon
  • Hootsuite
  • Vista Print  (33% discount on all orders.)

As a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit we can easily add new partnerships as needed. 

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